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Benefit Skin Care Range Review

Hi guys! As you may have noticed my blog has been a bit neglected lately! It has been a busy year so far with uni, new job etc. Finally, now that mid-year exams are over I've got a few weeks off, so I've got a bit more time to update my blog. I also have a pretty new logo thanks to one of my Instagram friends, @joyfullyjordan ♥

If you (hopefully!) follow me on Instagram (@xnmakeup), you may remember awhile back I posted about buying the Benefit skincare miniature set, which in New Zealand you can get from the Benefit counter in Smith and Caugheys (Queen St or Newmarket) for $28NZD.

Finally, I've used it for long enough to be able to give you my review on it.

To sum it up: it didn't work for me.

But that's not to say it won't work for everyone. But for my skin type, it just didn't work. For reference, I typically have normal - acne prone skin. I occasionally get dry patches, but I don't tend to be very oily.

I will go through each of the products in the line and explain how I feel about them.
First up is the Foamingly Clean Face Cleanser. I don't have any particularly strong feelings either way with this one. I wouldn't say it was a bad cleanser, but I do think there are better for the price. It has a nice clean smell to it and does foam up, but I don't think it is anything special. If you are particularly oily I would not recommend it, as it is far too gentle, and you want something that's going to give you a much deeper clean if you have oily skin. I think this is more suitable for normal-dry skin.

Next is the Refined Finish Facial Scrub. Again, it smells nice, but it is nothing special. The particles in it are very fine which makes for an extremely gentle scrub. It would be fine for everyday use, but I would still want something more intense to use a couple of times a week.

Moisturizing Prep Toning Lotion. I really liked this one. I used a cotton round to wipe it over my face before moisturizing and it made my skin feel super fresh and clean. This would be my favorite product from the collection.

Then we have the It's Potent Eye Cream. This is tinted slightly which is meant to help correct the look of dark circles under your eyes. I'm not sure that it had that much of an effect, but it was nice and moisturizing. As far as eye creams go, I was quite happy with this one. But I won't be buying the full size since there are so many other eye creams on the market that sound amazing, that I want to try.

Next up, we have the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. This was the moisturizer that I used for daytime since it is relatively light, oil free and has SPF 15. This is the part where my skin gets upset easily. I can't say for sure what part of the line made me break out HORRIBLY, but my guess is it was the moisturizers (particularly the night time one which I'll get to next). This made my skin look shiny and feel greasy (despite being oil free).  Not a fan!

Lastly, we have the Total Moisture Facial Cream. I used this for night time. For my skin, this was a nightmare. My face looked and felt like an oil slick. And I get dry skin so that's saying something. This in my opinion is more than likely the product that made me break out so badly (and I mean BADLY). Unless you have very dry skin, I would not recommend this at all. And even if you do have dry skin, 100% try a sample first, before investing so much into buying the full size.

So overall, I probably would not recommend this line. Of course, everyone's skin is different and so for some people it might be amazing, but for me, it just didn't work out. Too bad since the packaging is so adorable! One thing Benefit never fails to get right is their presentation!

X N Makeup

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