Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom Lipstick

I've seen Karen Murrell lipsticks all over the place and had been meaning to try one out for a long time, so I was super excited to have this one turn up on my doorstep! I got the shade Orchid Bloom*. Karen Murrell lipsticks are made from all natural ingredients, which is awesome since on the packaging it says that the average woman consumes nearly two kilograms of lipstick/lip balm in her lifetime! Isn't that crazy?! So obviously you don't want your lipsticks to be full of chemicals. Karen Murrell's tagline is fittingly; "nothing nasty touches my lips". And! It is also environmentally friendly! The whole product is recyclable, from the box to the canister.

Another great thing about Karen Murrell lipsticks is that not only are they all natural, they will actually improve the condition of your lips. The ingredients are super nourishing and include: 

- Avocado oil - to hydrate and protect
- Cinnamon - to plump your lips
- Evening primrose oil - to soothe and moisturise
- Carnauba wax - known for its high melting point, so the lipstick won't melt easily

So basically you get the benefits you would get from a great nourishing lip balm as well as a beautiful shade, all rolled into one.

The lipsticks come in a simple yet stylish black canister and are packaged in the cutest boxes. If packaging makes a huge difference to you (like it does to me - I am definitely a sucker for great packaging!) you're going to love it.

Now for the most important part, the lipstick itself. The shade is a beautiful cool toned mauvy pink nude. It's the perfect shade for everyday wear and I can't imagine a skin tone that it wouldn't suit. It has a nice subtle shine, the finish is kind of like a creamy gloss.  It is super comfortable to wear, basically the same feeling as wearing a lip balm. It wears off very nicely - because of its creamy moisturising formula, it doesn't cling onto any dry patches or do anything unsightly like that, so it's also easy and low maintenance to wear and to touch up after eating or drinking.

RRP: $29.95

There are 19 shades available including natural everyday type shades as well as more bold options, so there is something to suit everyone. They also have a moisture stick for extra hydration that can be worn either with a lipstick or alone. Karen Murrell products are available at selected pharmacies and health food stores worldwide. Check out their website ( for more information and to find your nearest stockist.

* PR sample


  1. Lovely post! I adore Karen Murrell lipsticks, and have been wearing this one lately.

    1. Thanks! Me too! Definitely going to try some more shades :)


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