Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Makeup Fails!

Hello internet friends! So, I got started thinking about all of the major cringe worthy makeup fails I have made over the years, for the most part in high school (thank god that's over!) and I thought it would make a pretty funny blog post. So here you go! Hopefully some of these will make you laugh!

1. Concealer lips. This makes me cringe just thinking about it. When the nude lip phase started getting popular, I was about 16. I could not understand how there was any difference between a nude coloured lipstick, and my concealer. So I painted concealer over my lips. Every day.

2. "Dewy" skin. When I was in primary school, I saw an older lady with super shiny skin (I'm relatively sure now that it was sweat). For some reason, I thought having super shiny skin was a good look, and wanted mine to look the same. Remember those kids fruity lip oils in the roller ball tubes? I took mine, and rubbed it all over my face. I was pretty pleased with the result.

3. The bronzer phase. At about 13, I won a Physicians Formula bronzer. I wasn't entirely sure what "bronzer" was, but buffed a ton of it over my entire face and thought it was fab. My face looked like an oopma loompa, and my body was paper white. Way to go.

4. Sawdust face. This is probably both the best and worst one. When I was in my first year of high school, I discovered pressed powder for the first time. Being a high school student, I got about $10 a week from my parents and makeup is super expensive here in New Zealand. So, when I saw a pressed powder compact at the $2 shop, which at the time, looked exactly the same as the expensive ones from the chemist, I thought I was getting a great bargain. I went to school the next day, with a nice thick layer puffed all over my face. I thought it looked great. The first thing that happened that day? A boy in my class told me it looked like someone had thrown sawdust in my face. In hind sight, I think that was a pretty accurate observation.

5. Eyeliner pencil fail. Ok, I think most of us were guilty of this at one point or another during our teen years. The thick black line of eyeliner on the lower waterline and absolutely nothing on top. But I felt so badass.

What were your makeup fails? Who else did these things? Surely I'm not alone! I have a ton more, so let me know if you liked this post and I'll do a part 2!

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