Sunday, 27 March 2016

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask Review

So after trying the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel* and loving it, I was super excited to try out their Purifying Face Mask! I have to say, I have been so impressed by the ApiClear skin care line.

What is this face mask for? It is to help bring the balance back to your skin (who doesn't need that, especially around Easter?!). It is a deep cleaning mask that draws out impurities, improves the appearance of your pores, increases circulation, removes dead skin cells and more.

Whats in it? Manuka Honey (as you may have gathered - which is anti-bacterial), Purified Bee Venom (great for acne), Grape Seed Oil (for clean pores and an even skin tone), Aloe Vera Juice (reduces redness, removes excess oil), Witch Hazel and Kaolin Clay (withdraws impurities). 

The product: It is super easy to use, cleanse your skin and apply over your face and neck. As you can see below, it is a nice thick, creamy consistency. 

I used this once every few days at night. I left it on for approximately 10-15 minutes and rinsed off with warm water. 

Being a clay mask, I thought that it was going to dry down hard like Glamglow does, but it doesn't. It hardens a little bit, but not to the extent that it feels like your face is going to crack if you move it! The good thing about this is that it makes it super easy to wash off and more comfortable when its on. 

What I really liked about this mask was how it left my skin feeling nice and soft and supple afterwards. Most of the purifying/detoxing type masks I have tried in the past left my skin feeling quite tight and dry.

I do tend to have problems with oily skin (I go through stages, so sometimes my skin will be normal and then I'll go through an oily phase). Since I have been using not only this mask, but the rest of the Manuka Doctor ApiClear range, I haven't had any issues with oily skin. So it really does seem to bring the balance back to my skin. 

Overall, it left my skin feeling nice and clean and moisturised, which is perfect.

The packaging: I have to mention the packaging. I know the packaging isn't the most important part and it's what's on the inside that counts, but I'm a big sucker for nice packaging. This comes in a nice solid feeling glass jar with a silver screw on lid. And it looks and feels SO LUXURIOUS. 

Where to buy: Manuka Doctor products are available at their concept store in Auckland, selected pharmacies (I've found it in most Life Pharmacies) and various department stores. You can find their list of stockists on their website; 

Whose tried something from Manuka Doctor before? What did you think? 

*PR sample

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