Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Oxygen Skincare Review

Oxygen is a New Zealand made brand that contains only natural and organic ingredients and doesn't test on animals. I've seen a lot of YouTubers recommending Oxygen Skincare products before, so I had high hopes for these products, and they didn't let me down! Overall, I found the products to be very gentle, but effective. Read on below for a run down of each product I tried. 

Women & Teen, Creme Cleanser*, $44.99: This is a super gentle cleanser, that didn't make my skin feel tight or dry, but still did a great job of cleansing my skin and leaving it feeling fresh. I hate the feeling of tight dry skin after cleansing, but this one was so nourishing (it contains apricot and jojoba oil) that if I was feeling really lazy, I could have gotten away without moisturizing. Of course, I would never actually skip moisturizing though, that would just feel wrong! It also doubles as a makeup remover.  I have to say, I am skeptical when cleansers claim to be able to remove makeup too. I have tried a lot of "makeup removing" cleansers before, and often find myself getting out of the shower with half a face of makeup on still. This one pleasantly surprised me. I really did remove all of my makeup. This has quickly become one of my favorite facial cleansers. If you want further proof of how good it is, just ask my sister, who I had to keep taking it away from!

"Botanical actives and natural aromas work in conjunction with the senses to create this divine Oxygen product. Our naturally-derived ingrediants combine to make a superior, high-quality skincare product made in New Zealand. Oxygens philosophy: true beauty is all natural". 

Women & Teen, Skin Toner*, $29.99: I LOVE this product! The thing that always makes a huge difference to me as to whether I like a product or not, is the scent. This smells absolutely amazing. It contains mandarin oil, and the scent definitely comes through! It was super refreshing to spray onto my skin directly after cleansing and made it feel more hydrated. I also like how its a spray and not something that you have to tip onto a cotton round to use. It's so much quicker and easier to just be able to do a quick spray.

Women, Refreshing Moisturizer*, $55.00: This is a super rich, thick creamy moisturizer. I only need to use the tiniest amount for my skin to feel fully hydrated, and that means that one jar is going to last a very long time, which is always a plus!

"Every Oxygen product contains uniquely beneficial organic hop extracts, grown by Oxygen's very own award winning organic hop farm - New Hoplands - located in beautiful Nelson, New Zealand". 

Women & Teen, Blemish/Acne Gel*, $39.99: Luckily for me, my skin has been behaving itself (for the most part) lately. Typically my biggest issue is getting small bumps and "texture" rather than full on acne, but from time to time it does happen. I recently had exams, and so unsurprisingly, I broke out. This really did help to clear it up.  I find that the majority of acne products dry my skin out so badly that it will actually start peeling off. While that does get rid of the first problem, it presents a whole new one. The best part about this product was that it helped to clear up the breakout without drying out my skin at all. 

Oxygen Skincare products are available from their website here and various stockists including Life and Unichem pharmacies (see their website for all stockists). 

Have you tried anything from Oxygen before? 

*PR sample

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