Friday, 17 February 2017

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask Review

This Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask* has quickly become one of my favourites and go to products for when my skin is being difficult. Read on to find out why. (Please excuse the fact that these photos are Christmas themed and it's February - I took these photos back in December before I used the product, and I can't take new photos now since I've been using it!). 

I was initially quite surprised by the consistency of this product. I scooped out a decent sized amount (it comes with a super handy little spoon/scoop so you don't have to keep dipping your fingers in and contaminating the product), but its actually a much thinner consistency than most mud masks, so you don't need anywhere near as much as you would think. 
"Kaolin clay, the base of Trilogy Mineral Radience Mask, is rich in minerals and trace elements. It delivers instant radience and thorough cleansing, promoting uniform skin tone and improved circulation. Evening primrose and certified organic rosehip oils norish and hydrate, while native New Zealand pohutakawa and other carefully selected botanical extracts help tone, soothe and regenerate skin". 

I leave it on for about 10 minutes until its dry. You can feel when its dry, but it doesn't dry so hard that it starts cracking and crumbling off. It's nice and easy to rinse off, you don't need to scrub to remove it, just wipe your face over with a warm face cloth.

I use this mask a couple of times a week when my skin is behaving, to keep it that way, and help tone and calm any redness down, which it does a great job of. When my skin is breaking out or feeling more oily, I use it more frequently, every second day or even every day if I feel like my skin needs it, to deeply cleanse and help normalise it. However, depending on your skin type (I tend to have normal/combo skin, but it changes all the time - occasionally I will get super oily), you might not need to use it as often. As Corrine Morley, Trilogy's in-house beauty expert has said,
"If your skin is dry or dehydrated, using Trilogy Mineral Radience Mask once or twice a month will help to keep it soft and hydrated. On the other hand, if your skin tends to oiliness, applying the mask weekly will ensure your skin benefits from the deep cleansing and purifying action".

At RRP: $37.99 for 60ml it is great value. I've been using my jar of it regularly, since the start of December and I still have a good third of it left.

Have you tried this yet? What is your favourite face mask? 

*PR sample

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