Monday, 6 March 2017

The Cutest Gel Nail Kit You'll Find

Le Mini Macaron has just hit New Zealand and it is quite possibly the cutest gel nail kit you'll come across! The sets come with everything you need to do your own DIY gel manicures and pedicures. As someone who has recently become hooked on gel manicures, the idea of a cute and convenient at home option is awesome. 

Pictured above is the Peach set. There are 8 different coloured sets available and 16 nail polish shades. One of the cool things about these sets is that the gel nail polish is a 3-in-1 formula combining the base, colour and top coat all in one. All you need to do is apply the nail polish, plug the adorable French macaron into a USB port and let the polish set under the light for 30 seconds. 

The macaron light can also be taken apart to use on your toe nails. 

As well as including the LED light (and the USB cord), and a nail polish, the sets also include all of the other little tools you need: a nail file, cuticle stick and 10 remover pads, as you can see above.

I think it's a super cute set (the macaron light is waaaaay cuter and much nicer to look at than typical LED or UV lights!). It would also be great for travelling with or using on the go. The only downfall I thought of is that you need to dry each nail under the lamp separately. But, when you consider the fact that you don't need to go through and dry a base coat, colour, and top coat separately (because it is a 3-in-1 formula), the drying time works out to be about the same, if not faster, anyway. 

The sets retail for $69.99, individual polishes $21.99, Remover Kit, (including 100 removers) $24.99, available from leading pharmacies from March and online  here

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