Thursday, 9 November 2017

Australis KPOP Collection

Ok so straight away I think we can all agree that this collection wins for being the cutest we've seen this year! It's also cool to see more affordable brands coming out with fun collections like this. So, is it all frosting and no cupcake? (who knows what movie that was from?). I have put the collection to the test and have all of my thoughts and swatches for you below!

KPOP All-in-one Mascara* RRP $16.99: This mascara gives my lashes quite a natural look, and is just enough to make them stand out a bit more. If you like that no-makeup makeup look, or if you're in school and aren't supposed to wear makeup, so you want something subtle, this could be really good for you.

KPOP Illuminating Cushion* RRP $19.99: This is a cushion based product, that comes in one universal brightening shade. I found two ways that I like to use it. The first is all over my face before foundation, to get an all over luminous "lit from within" type look. I also like how it looks just dabbed over my cheekbones. 

KPOP Contour Powder* RRP $9.99: These face powders are my favourite part of this collection! Not only are they super cute, they're really great shades and formulas. The formula of the contour powder is particularly amazing - it is SO buttery and smooth, I'm really impressed (swatches below). I love the shade too, it works really well on my skin tone and doesn't look too warm, or too cool. The only thing is it might not work for darker skin tones. They are quite small tins, but for the quality and price I don't think that's an issue at all. Their size and durable packaging would make them great for travelling with, or keeping with you for touch-ups. 

KPOP Highlight Powder* RRP $9.99: This is a super pretty highlight shade. Not too glittery, and also quite a nice smooth formula. 

KPOP Blush Powder* RRP $9.99: I was super excited about this one - it's a beautiful shade and reminds me of Nars Orgasm (but for a waaaaay better price!). I think this would be quite a universally flattering shade too. 

KPOP Lip Tint Oil* RRP $15.99: These look super bright in their packaging, but as you'll see in the swatches they're actually super dooper wearable. I love products like this, because they give you a bit of colour, and keep your lips hydrated and conditioned at the same time. 

The Australis KPOP collection is available from  Farmers now. What do you think? Have you tried anything from the collection yet, or is there anything you're going to pick up? 


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