Thursday, 3 May 2018

KKW Beauty Concealer Kit: Hit or Miss?

Long time no blog! I haven't put a blog post up for so long it's insane! I've been finding for the most part, people tend to prefer short reviews, ideas, etc. on Insta, rather than going and reading a blog post. I have to say I'm guilty of being more active in reading Insta posts than blog posts too. I do want to get back into blogging more again, but it is more time consuming to keep up with. And of course, as you know it's so much easier and faster to engage and stay active on Insta. Anyway! I thought this kit was deserving of a full review, so let's get into it!

After my last experience with a KKW Beauty product, their contour kit (which you can read about here), I was skeptical about getting this kit. I saw a few reviews on YouTube with people like Chloe Morello loving it, so I thought I'd give KKW Beauty another chance. And I am so glad I did!

The kit comes with two tools along with a concealer, baking powder, and a brightening powder. In NZD (including postage) the kit cost $133.94. It is an expensive kit, but you are getting five items, so it's not really that bad. Plus I do think the products will last for quite awhile - you get quite a generous amount. 

Let's talk about the tools first. You might remember from my contour kit review that I HATED the sponge/brush duo tool. However, this one is really good. The sponge is the perfect shape to apply the baking powder under your eyes. The brush end (for brushing away the baking powder) is quite soft and dense and does the job nicely. The other duo brush is *ok*. One end is for blending out the concealer, the other is for applying the brightening powder. It does the job, but if you've already got your own brushes, it's not something amazing that you really need. If you don't want the tools (or any other item/s in the kit) you can also purchase the individual items separately. 

The concealer is AMAZING. It is thicker than the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, but I feel like it blends out the same, as in they both blend out super easily and flawlessly. For reference, I got the kit in the shade 1, which is a really nice shade for fair skin tones. The baking powder is really nice too and is a super finely milled loose powder. There's not too much to say about it, although I do wish they had included a twist open type cover on top of the powder because if you've just got it rolling around in a drawer, the powder is all going to be in the lid when you open it. Lastly, the brightening powder. I love this idea! Baking can make your skin look super flat and dull, but this really helps bring life back into your skin. 

Overall, I'm really happy I got the kit! Plus I've had two compliments on my makeup today, and the only thing I've done differently is concealer, so it must be good!

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  1. If you're getting compliments, it sounds like it's doing all the right things. Despite my love of Kim, I'm yet to try any of the products because it's hard to know if I'll like them once they arrive.


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