Monday, 4 April 2016

Pet Peeves

If you follow me on Instagram (hopefully!), you may have seen my post earlier today about one of my pet peeves - advertisements for mascara using false lashes. Because how are you possibly meant to know what the mascara looks like on, if it is hidden (and their lashes are enhanced) by false ones? It's such fake advertising! And is so blatantly obvious! If a brand doesn't have enough faith in their product to let it sell itself without using other products to make it look better, why would we trust it? Further, if they can't make it look good enough by itself, even with access to professional makeup artists and a model who most likely has super long thick lashes naturally (of course you're not going to pick someone with short little lashes for a mascara ad!), then what chance does your average consumer have of making it work for them?

Ok, this turned into a rant haha.

But, it got me thinking about all of my other pet peeves, so I thought I would write a post on them! Here we go.

1. People who have zero spacial awareness. Im clumsy and uncoordinated myself, but I mean those people who literally have no idea where they're going (because they're texting or talking and are totally oblivious to everyone around them), and then they walk into you, or knock you or your bag when they're going past. Or you're on the bus and they're half on your seat, or they, (or their bag) is practically on you.

2. Hair on your soap. Or anywhere actually. But especially on the soap. Even worse when it isn't even your own hair.

3. People who interrupt you when you're talking. Probably my biggest pet peeve. By doing this they're basically saying what they have to say is more important. So rude.

4. When people watch whats on my computer screen. This happens so often in lectures. And some of them are super obvious too actually leaning over and watching what I'm doing. It's not like I'm doing anything top secret, but come on.

5. Notes on my front door step from couriers saying they couldn't deliver my package because I wasn't home. Especially if I actually was home! Or if I missed them by seconds. This happened last week. I left the house at 10.45 and the courier slip said they had come at 10.48. The frustration is real.

6. When someone you know sees you, but they go out of their way to totally ignore you and don't even say hi.

7. Kitchen sinks clogged with food. Especially if it's the next day and everything is soggy and smelly.

8. Warning - this one is weird. Toilets, that have mirrors directly in front of them. Usually in close range. Why? Why? Why?

9. Mechanical eyebrow pencils. Actually they're great. But you can never tell when they're about to be all used up. You do one brow, wind the pencil and hear that doomed final click.

10. Donald Trump. 

Who can relate? What are your pet peeves? Let me know! 

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