Friday, 13 May 2016

What does my blog name mean?

Xnmakeup (ex-n-makeup)

I was thinking about it today and realised that maybe not everyone understands what my blog name means. So I thought I would do a short little post to explain.

Originally, I chose the name because of the double meaning it has, kiss and makeup. Like the cliche saying when you have an argument with someone "kiss (X) and makeup" and then "kiss" (X) and "makeup" as in two seperate things.

The second reason why I chose it, was because it also encompasses other topics I might want to write about. Because its X (meaning anything) and makeup - one of the reasons why its written "X" and not "kiss".

The "N" instead of writing out "and" was just to keep it short and snappy (idea curtesy of my boyfriend).

What does your blog/Instagram name mean?


  1. Ahhh I had been wondering - that's a cute name! Mine is pretty straight forward - Lena Talks Beauty. I'm Lena and I talk about makeup haha

  2. Thanks! Haha, I like yours! - nice and clear and easy to remember!

  3. That's a cool name! Mine is So Beauty Stuff, another pretty self explanatory one, but SO are my initials. I found your blog from your Beauty Review guest post, enjoying looking around :)

    1. Oh thats cool! I like the extra personal touch to your name! Thanks for reading :)


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