Monday, 18 July 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

As soon as I saw these being advertised, I knew I had to get one. This is the Lancome Juicy Shaker in the shade Berry Tale. The whole concept is so cool. The product is packaged like a little martini shaker which is not only super cute but also gets across the message that you have to shake them up before you use them. 

Inside the bottle is the oil and the pigment. The two separate when left sitting and so that is why you need to shake it up to mix them before applying. The applicator is a little softly pointed sponge as you can see above. When you shake the product up, the sponge gets saturated with the product.

The oils used are Peach Kernal Oil, known for softening, Sweet Almond Oil to condition, Cranberry Oil for its antioxidants and Muscat Rose Oil to soothe. It is the perfect cocktail of nourishing beneficial oils and pigment to give you soft and smooth juicy lips. 

The shade is a nice soft berry pink as you can see above. They have quite a good colour range available even with a mint shade, which apparently comes off basically clear but makes your teeth look super white - sadly not in stock when I went in otherwise I totally would have tried it out (plump juicy lips that will even make my teeth look whiter?! Sounds amazing). 

It doesn't feel sticky at all on my lips. It doesn't feel any heavier or stickier than a lip balm. Of course being an oil it is going to rub off when you eat and drink, but it does leave behind a slight stain (presumably the darker the shade you pick the better it is going to stain).

They're also scented, which if I wasn't sold already would have sealed the deal. Different shades have different matching scents. Mine smells just like berries. Like proper berries, not sickly sweet synthetic berries.

I got mine at Farmers for NZ $39 which I thought was really good. I was actually expecting them to cost more.

Overall, this is a really fun product to use and display. It also does the job with moisturising my lips, is comfortable to wear and is a nice shade. I will definitely be picking up some more (that mint shade is first on my list!) and I would definitely recommend them.

Have you tried one yet? What other shades do I need? 


  1. Never heard of these before, I definitely need to get my hands on one. Love how cool they look!


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