Friday, 22 July 2016

Sneaky Squirrel Body Scrub Review

I have been a fan of coffee scrubs since they first became a thing. Nothing leaves my skin as soft and smooth as a coffee scrub. So, when my friend Jordyn told me the Sneaky Squirrel Body Scrub* was good, I had to try it. 

Sneaky Squirrel uses no chemicals, they don't test on animals and the scrub is made just across the ditch in Australia. They claim the scrub "removes dead, dry and flaky skin, tightens pores, improves complexion, targets cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and ingrown hair". It contains ground coffee beans, brown sugar, sea salt, rose water, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil, which all help to do things like exfoliate, moisturise, soothe and enrich the skin. 

The first thing I noticed (can you guess?) was the smell. Jaffa Coffee and Nuts. As soon as you open the packet, the Jaffa scent hits you. It's amazing. 

The back of the packaging didn't have any usage instructions, but I used it as I normally do with my other coffee scrubs. Scrub onto wet skin and let it sit for 5 minutes (if you haven't used a coffee scrub before, the idea with leaving it on your skin for awhile is to let the oils soak in). I don't typically use coffee scrubs on my face because I have found previously that the oils in them can sometimes make me break out, but for the purpose of this review I did use it on my face also.

EDIT: Sneaky Squirrel has told me that the reason other scrubs like this may have made me break out before is because of the high coconut oil content they have. Sneaky Squirrel has a much lower coconut oil content comparatively. I can confirm that after using this, I did not break out! Sneaky Squirrel have also informed me that they are working on a new product specially for using on your face, which will have a comedogenic rating of 0 - which means that there is no chance it will block your pores!

When I started to rinse it off I could immediately tell it had had an effect. My skin felt (and still feels) like butter. Super soft and silky. It definitely does the job when it comes to removing dead skin and moisturising. My face also feels noticeably tighter so it came through on its promise to tighten pores. I am impressed and happy with the results (fingers crossed it doesn't make my face break out though!). 

When it came to cleaning up and getting it all out of the shower, I was happily surprised. Usually, I find I have to scrub like crazy to get all of the brown coffee stains off of the shower floor, but this one actually rinsed off quite easily which was a bonus. 

You can buy Sneaky Squirrel Body Scrub from their website here for $17.95 AUD. 

Side note: do you know how hard it is to try and take a photo of yourself with a body scrub on? Without getting the scrub or water on your phone? This was a mission. 

Have you tried this product before? Or do you have another favourite coffee scrub? 


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