Friday, 12 August 2016

Empties - August 2016

I have decided to do my empties posts as I accumulate enough 'empties' to discuss, rather than doing it monthly. Its just a better way to do it, since some months I might only have one or two empties, and others I'll have a whole bag! Heres what I've used up lately.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Light: This purchase was actually a slight mistake. When buying it, I had intended to buy the regular Photo Finish Primer, but accidentally ended up with this one instead. This one is oil free and targeted at those who have more oily acne prone skin. I have combination skin, so I do have a bit of oiliness and issues with acne here and there, but I actually prefer the ordinary version to this one. The ordinary one makes my skin feel a bit smoother and fills in my pores better than this for some reason. This one isn't bad though and did keep my makeup more matte. If you are particularly oily or acne prone, this probably would be the better option for you. Would I repurchase? No, but I will repurchase the original.

Witch Skincare Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash: I have a review here with this product and two others from the Witch Skincare range, my opinion hasn't changed from then - I still think it's great! It cleared up any breakouts I had and I didn't get any more while using it. Would I repurchase? Absolutely! I actually just got two more bottles yesterday, since they were on sale at The Warehouse.

Lush Pink FUN: This stuff is amazing. It might be marketed at kids, but it's for sure a winner for me. It is a little different to use. The way I did it was to pull a chunk off and massage it into my shower sponge. It lathers up quite nicely, but the best part is the smell. It kind of smells like the Lush Snow Fairy range - maybe it's even the same scent, I'm not sure. And, when I get out of the shower, the scent actually lasts on my skin. This is the first body cleanser that I have ever found, where the scent lasts after it's washed off. Would I repurchase? Definitely - as well as a few other scents - the green one smells amazing too!

Impulse Romantic Spark Body Spray: This smells so good! And it's the perfect handbag size. I like to keep one in my handbag instead of an actual bottle of perfume because it's lighter and isn't going to break when I chuck my bag down somewhere. Would I repurchase? Yes!

Maybelline Babylips: This might be my favourite lip balm yet. And the first one I've fully used up in my entire life! #accomplished. It is peppermint scented and feels light and cooling on the lips. It isn't too greasy feeling, but still does an amazing job at getting my lips nice and moisturised. Would I repurchase? Yes! If I can find it! Does anyone know where this flavour/scent is available in NZ? I got this one in a pack at one of those Big Bucket sales and haven't been able to find it anywhere else!

EOS lip balm in Pomegranate: Ok, this is not technically an "empty" since its almost still full, but I am throwing it away. To be totally honest, this lip balm is useless. It looks cool, smells and tastes delicious, but it does absolutely nothing to hydrate my lips. Would I repurchase? No.

Have you tried any of these products? Is there anything that you like the sound of that you might try? 

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