Thursday, 25 August 2016

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

I have decided to branch out into doing movie reviews now too. And, what better movie to start with than Suicide Squad, after how great it was. 

Typically, this isn't my kind of movie. I don't like superhero movies. But this is like an anti-superhero movie, which makes it far more interesting. We've seen the good guys saving the day 100 times, it was a fun change for the badasses to be the heroes. 

The first thing that makes this movie awesome is the soundtrack. The movie featured some amazing rock tracks (rock is my favourite, if you didn't know already - just got tickets for Guns n' Roses next year!!) from Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones and also features one of my current favourite bands, Twenty One Pilots. Nothing lifts a movie like a great soundtrack.

Before I saw the movie, I saw streams of bad reviews and negative comments floating around. Maybe  if I was a fan of the comic books before and knew the story already, I would see mistakes too, but as someone who hasn't and wasn't a fan prior, I thought it was great. The thing with this movie is, you don't want to pick it apart. Yes, there is a lack of character development and a few loose strings here and there. It's not "technically" perfect. But just take it as it is, aside from those faults, it's still an awesome movie. 

Of course the cast was amazing too. I think even the haters can agree that Margot Robbie was amazing as Harley Quinn. She was definitely a stand out (and I'm foreseeing a TON of Harley Quinn costumes this Halloween). I was disappointed with how little we saw of The Joker though. I thought Jared Leto was the best Joker yet (even though I'm sure many would argue in favour of his predecessors) and was totally believable as a psycho, in the best possible way. So it would have been awesome to see more of him. But in saying that, his role was kind of a sideline to the main plot, so it's understandable that we didn't see that much of him. 

The storyline kept me thoroughly entertained the whole time, which is saying something since I can hardly ever get through an entire movie without checking the time. 

The verdict: 4/5

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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