Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bondi Sands New Product Launch

Last Thursday I attended a launch for two new products from Bondi Sands, the Ultra Dark Tanning Foam and the Gradual Tanning Foam - perfectly timed for Summer!

The launch was held at the Seafarers building and was setup with more self tanning products than I've ever seen in one place before! I forgot how many different products Bondi Sands actually has, until I saw them all together there.

The first new product to launch is the Ultra Dark Tanning Foam. This has twice the tanning power of the Dark Tanning Foam and the same summery coconut scent. It might be a bit daunting for those who are new to self tanning, but it's actually quite easy to apply since the foam has a colour guide so you can see exactly where you've applied the product and you won't find yourself looking patchy after its developed. 

The other new product to launch is the Gradual Tanning Foam. This gives you the same result as the Gradual Tanning Milk, but is the foam version, to cater to those who prefer that formula. Super easy to apply and perfect for beginners, or those who want a lighter tan. Also perfect for going into Spring (you may remember seeing the Gradual Tanning Milk featured in my Spring Edit post earlier!). 

And don't forget to exfoliate before tanning to get a nice silky smooth finish and avoid product build up on dry patches. Bondi Sands has a exfoliating mitt that can be used both to prepare for tanning and  to help remove it when it's starting to come off. They also have a back applicator, in case you can't find (or trust!) someone else to help you out!

What Bondi Sands products are you going to be using this Summer? 


  1. Omg I need these in my life I hope our local stocks them soon, I love the gradual tan but the foam formula looks even better. Thanks for sharing babe xx

    1. The gradual tan is so good! And I think its going to be even quicker and easier with the foam formula too. Hopefully you'll be able to get them soon. Thanks for reading! :)


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