Thursday, 29 September 2016

Trilogy Eye Contour Cream Review

As someone who never gets enough sleep or drinks enough water, I tend to always have bags and dark circles under my eyes, so eye creams are another thing I'm always up for trying out. Read on to find out what I thought about the Trilogy Eye Contour Cream*.

This product states that it will smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness;
Fast absorbing, this powerful gel-cream includes our unique ingredient Rosapene, cooling aloe vera and rejuvenating acai. Carrot oil promotes repair while eyebright refreshes.

The product is a lightweight white cream which soaks easily into the skin. I apply it as directed on the box, onto clean skin and patting it in lightly from the outer corner of my eyes in towards my nose.

Now, to be fair, I wouldn't expect any eye cream to be able to totally fix the dark circles and bags under my eyes. No product can fully compensate for a lack of sleep, water etc. However, it did rehydrate my under eye area and reduce puffiness. By rehydrating the area, it also smoothed it out a lot by plumping out those little crinkly little lines you get when you're tired. I do still have bags under my eyes, but they are significantly reduced - thats where lifestyle changes need to come in to do the rest of the work.

It doesn't have a fragrance, which I actually prefer when it comes to eye creams. I feel like having a fragrance would be unnecessary for under your eyes and since its a sensitive area, you don't want anything extra in it that could possibly cause irritation.

Overall, I can see a noticeable difference in the condition of my under eye area and will continue using this as a part of my skincare routine.

RRP: $51.99. Trilogy products can be found at selected Farmers stores, pharmacies, department and health stores nationwide.

What are your favourite Trilogy products? Have you tried this one? 

*PR sample

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