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Bronx Colors Overview

It is always exciting to come across new makeup brands, especially ones that are affordable here in New Zealand. Bronx Colors launched into the NZ market early last year, with their giant range of products. There is something to suit everyone with their bright fun lip and eye colours as well as classic every day staples. Bronx Colors was inspired by The Bronx in New York City and is designed and made in Germany. They do not test on animals. I have had a lot of fun playing with a ton of their products and have come to find a few favourites, which I will share with you below. 

Bronx has quite a range of different kinds of eyeshadows, including the palettes you see pictured above (The Angel Dust and City of Angels Eyeshadows Sets* ($12.99 each), which are on the more sheer side but build able - see my review and swatches of the City of Angels palette here. My favourite type of eyeshadows they make are the Single Click Eyeshadows* ($5.99) (pictured in the middle). These are really cool because you can put together your own little palette - perfect for traveling, or making the morning rush easier, with all of your essentials together in one little palette. It's also handy because you can easily refill any shadows you use up, rather than having to have an empty pan wasting space, like in normal eyeshadow palettes. The Single Click Eyeshadow Case* ($8.99) fits 4 of the single eyeshadows, or two eyeshadows and a blush, or two blushes. The Single Click Eyeshadows are more pigmented than the palettes and are available in 24 different shades. Last but not least in the eyeshadow department, is the Super Single Eyeshadow* ($7.99), pictured at the bottom, which you can see is significantly larger than the Single Click Eyeshadows. These are available in 12 different shades and are also nice and pigmented like the Single Click Shadows. 

This next product quickly became one of my favourites. This is the Skinny Mascara* ($14.99). I was super surprised to open it and see just how skinny the wand is. I used it solely for my lower lashes, since it is the perfect size to get right into those smaller lashes, without accidentally bumping the wand onto the skin under your eye, (I just about always use different mascaras for my top and bottom lashes, because I prefer larger wands for my upper lashes to get more volume, but they are always too big to get my lower lashes without making a mess). The only downfall that I found, was that it did tend to transfer under my eye during the day sometimes. Maybe if I used a more heavy duty under eye setting powder, that would have helped to prevent it happening. 

Bronx has a really good range of different lip products too. One of my first favourites is the Matte Lip Tints* ($14.99). The one I tried out is a nice peachy pink nude (see swatches below). I can't find a shade name on the tube, but looking online, I think the shade name is Coral Sorbet. The next products I tried were two of the Just Matte Lipsticks* ($11.99). These are quite skinny little lipsticks, so they are perfect for carrying around in your handbag, or in a little clutch for a night out. I wouldn't really agree that the formula is matte though. I would say they are more of a cream finish. They are nice and wearable and glide on smoothly. I am unsure of the names of these shades, but will update you if I find out. Lastly, I tried the Legendary Lipstick* ($14.99). The first thing I noticed about this was the cool way that it opens. To open the tube you push the top down, which springs the tube down so you can pull it out (if that makes sense). It's super cool and reminds me of some kind of cool spy gear or something haha. It is a nice glossy formula and again the shade is not written on the tube, but I think the one I have is called Aubergine (swatch below).

Finally, blushes! I tried one of the Single Click Blushes* ($7.99), which was a nice corally pink shade (Coral II). Nice and sheer but buildable. Perfect for everyday wear. The other blush I tried, the Intense Blusher* ($12.99) is a very similar shade and tone, but as you can see in the swatches below, is much more pigmented, and it also has a little bit of glitter in it, but I found the glitter didn't really translate on the skin. Looking online, I cannot work out the shade name, but again, I will update this if I find out. 

Top to bottom: Matte Lip Tint (Coral Sorbet), Just Matte Lipsticks (2nd and 3rd swatches), Legendary Lipstick (Aubergine), Intense Blusher, Single Click Blush (Coral II). 

Overall, I have been very impressed with Bronx Colors. They have a good range, of good quality products for very good prices. It's great to see more and more affordable brands come to New Zealand! The only improvement I would love to see from them is putting the shade names on their products! In saying that, there are shade codes, but they don't correlate with the shade names on the website. As this is an overview, I haven't swatched everything and haven't gone super in depth, so do let me know in the comments if there is anything, in particular, you would like to see and hear more about!

Bronx Colors are available in New Zealand from their website,  hereHave you tried anything from them yet? Has anything here caught your eye? 

*PR sample

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