Thursday, 20 July 2017

To Be Frank, You Should Start Scrubbing

Coffee scrubs have really changed the game when it comes to exfoliating. NOTHING gets the dead skin off of my scaly body like coffee scrubs do. Now that we're in winter, and the weather is sucking all of the moisture from our skin, exfoliating is even more essential to your beauty routine. So, let me tell you why Frank is my favourite guy to take a shower with. 

To be honest, I have tried a few different coffee scrub brands before, and as far as the results go, they're pretty much the same (amazing). But there are a few reasons why Frank has come to be my favourite, and their packaging and the way they market their product is one of them. I'm a big sucker for funny and clever marketing, and Frank has it down with their cheeky persona.

Sealed with dirty, dirty love.

Another reason why I love Frank is because they have a variety of different kinds of coffee scrubs, for example, their coconut and peppermint coffee scrubs. It can get a bit boring using the same old scrub all the time, so it's a good way to shake things up by having different scent options and it's fun to use scents that suit your mood, e.g. got the winter blues and feel like a tropical holiday? The coconut coffee scrub will perk you up!

And of course, there are a TON of benefits associated with using coffee scrubs, aside from soft smooth skin. Using a coffee scrub can help reduce stretch marks and cellulite, improve circulation, it has anti-inflammatory properties, the list goes on, and since your skin is your biggest organ, you better look after it! 

I try to scrub at least twice a week (even though it is winter here in NZ, and I freeze my butt off, it's still totally worth the results!), and particularly before shaving - you get a much smoother finish if you exfoliate first, because it helps free up any ingrown hairs and clears the way for your razor. 

So get scrubbing!

P.S Frank has a blog on their website, here, which is really fun to read. 
P.P.S You can buy Frank from their website, or from Mecca Beauty, here

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