Sunday, 27 August 2017

Saviours For Dry Hair!

I was able to trial this range, thanks to Beauty Review - which if you haven't heard of before, is a great website where you can read and write beauty reviews, and sign up to be a part of a trial team. If you are picked for a trial team, you get to try the products out and write a review on the Beauty Review website! Click here to check them out! Now on to the products...

This is the Safflower Rich Infusion collection, from the L'Oreal Botanicals range (there are other collections within the Botanicals range, to suit different hair types). The Safflower products are formulated for dry hair. To give you a bit of background, I have quite long thick hair, that gets extremely dry. I blow dry it and straighten it just about every day so you can imagine how bad it is. 

I have never found a shampoo that did not dry out my hair. Until now. Typically, I find shampoo dries my hair out, and then the conditioner just helps to normalise it a bit (but ultimately I still come out with kind of dry hair and desperately need to use an oil or leave in conditioner). This shampoo made my hair feel like an amazing conditioner would. SO silky and smooth. I am actually so surprised, I did not think a shampoo would be able to make my hair feel like this. Another plus is the fact that it is not heavy, and it does not make my hair look greasy at all. 

The light florally scent is also nice. I follow up with the conditioner and the softening ointment after, (the three products have the same scent), and the scent has really lingered. The conditioner and softening ointment are good follow-ups to the shampoo (which I think is the star of the range), to add extra moisture, and really lock in that scent. I typically use the ointment on my hair when it is wet, but it can be used on wet or dry hair. 

If you have dry hair, I cannot recommend this range enough. I've used these products a few times now, and I know without a doubt that they have made such a difference to my hair, and I will definitely continue using them!

What are your favourite products for dry hair? 

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