Thursday, 17 August 2017

Movie Review - Annabelle: Creation

Why is it that dolls are so creepy? At least this one anyway. Annabelle: Creation is the second Annabelle movie, which as the name suggests is the prequel. The bad news is, if you've seen the first Annabelle and the Conjuring movies, you've basically seen this too. This is the same game, with new players.


Mr. Mullin was a toy maker, who made toy dolls. He and his wife had a daughter named Annabelle, until one day after an ill fated car accident, Annabelle died.

Fast forward 12 years and a group of orphan girls and Sister Charlotte, go off to live with the Mullins. Staying with the Mullins is the last option for accommodation that would allow all of them to stay together. Mr. Mullin is quiet and mysterious, and Mrs. Mullin doesn't leave her room because of some mysterious accident that happened years ago.

Things seem to be ok until one of the orphans, Janice, tries to turn the handle of a door that turns out to be locked and is abruptly stopped by Mr. Mullin. Curiosity takes over and one day when the door to the forbidden room is left unlocked, Janice goes in and explores and discovers the hair-raising doll. Little by little strange and alarming things start happening in the house and at its peak, Janice becomes possessed by something evil that was residing in the doll.

Finally what transpired 12 years earlier is revealed. The Mullins essentially made a deal with the devil to get back whatever they could of their daughter. They don't get much, just a glimpse of her running past in the corner of an eye, or laughter echoing in the background. But it's enough to keep them happy and feel like she's still with them. One day Annabelle asks to inhabit the doll her father made. Her parents oblige, and this transition makes her stronger. The only problem is, it's not really their daughter that they've pulled in. It's something much more sinister. They managed to put it to bed, but now, 12 years later, it's reared its ugly head again.

It is full of suspenseful moments and its fair share of jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat, but the storyline itself is nothing revolutionary. Demonic spirit does freaky stuff, demonic spirit possesses the weakened human it was terrorising, possessed human tries to kill everyone. You know the drill.

I give it zero points for originality and creativity, but a 2.5/5 for entertainment. If these kinds of movies typically scare you, this one will too, just don't expect anything new. You won't see the scares coming, but you will foresee the plotline.

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